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Angelini Pharma is a modern group, attentive to changes in the market and projected into the future, but always proud of the values that are at the basis of its corporate philosophy.

Angelini Pharma is fully committed to ensure Transparency, demonstrating integrity in its relationship with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), by disclosing ToVs in line with local laws, regulations, professional requirements and industry codes.

Angelini Pharma Nordics shall disclose direct and indirect transfers of value (ToVs) to HCPs and HCOs, related to prescription-only human medicines, pursuant to LIF (Läkemedelsindustriföreningen) in Sweden, ENLI (Etisk Nævn For Lægemiddelindustrien) and Danish Medicines Agency in Denmark, Farmindustria / EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) in Norway and Finland.

Interactions between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs and HCOs include different types of activities to be disclosed, such as grants to HCOs, speaker fees, travel and accommodation expenses, or registration fees to attend an event.

Within the end of January (Denmark) and June (Sweden, Norway, Finland) each year, Angelini Pharma Nordics will publish all Transfers of Value to HCPs, HCOs and R&D expenses made in the previous year, or otherwise according to specific local requirements.

Where applicable, data are published on an individual basis according to appropriate consent; where such consent is not secured, related ToVs are disclosed on an aggregate basis.

For each country, ToV reports or central platform links and methodologies are provided below in accordance with local requirements.

Please contact for any request related to Transparency, including possible privacy consent withdrawal.

In February 2021, Angelini Pharma acquired Arvelle Therapeutics, a Swiss based biopharmaceutical company focused on patients suffering from CNS disorders, operating in several countries.

Therefore, starting from 2021 ToVs disclosures on, reports include Arvelle Therapeutics ToVs as part of Angelini Pharma Group, in line with local laws, regulations and industry codes.